CGIN & 1a1 removed now abnormal again..

Hi everyone


I’m wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation to me. A year ago had an abnormal smear, was treated for CGIN with Lletz and in the part that was taken there was 1A1 found but removed with clear margins.


I had my 6 month follow up which was clear, now had the 2nd follow up 3 weeks ago, called the hospital today to see if my results were in and there are mild abnormalities. The doctor hasn’t seen the results yet as it only came in today but the receptionist told me about the mild abnormalities.


Has this ever happened to anyone? And if so what happened next?



Thanks x

Hi Jane, 

How old are you? I have a trach (cervix removed) for stage 1b1 and my first smear after was abnormal. Same as you I was freaking out but they said many things can change it such as my operation which in my case was most likely, but also my age. I had just turned 25 and apparently 25 and under give abnormal results quite a lot which is why they don't smear til after 25 as it creates lots of "false positives". you should also ask if you abnormalities is due to HPV or not. If you are HPV negative then the liklihood of it being CC is very low. You have abnomal cells all the time all over you body so try not to worry too much about it. If there is any problems they'll have  you in in a flash and it will be sorted. 


i hope this helps. 



Hi Amy


Thank you so much for replying! I’m 24… so this makes a lot of sense to me and makes me feel more at ease. I haven’t actually been told since all of this started if I have ever been checked for hpv but I am going to look out all my old letters from the hospital tonight.


When is your next check up? Have they told you that you will just have to wait the 6 months again to find out if it is just due to your age or operation?


I don’t know if I could wait another 6 months to find out if it will go away or not, Im already a nervous wreck about it most of the timeL



Jane x

Hi Jane


i had to wait another 6 months but this time it came back normal. i think what I'm learning from this experience is if they are worried about anything they'll check it espesh is you've had the same problem before And because you are so young they don't want to take any chances. The doctors do know what to look out for. I now go to the gyne oncology team so I think that puts me at ease a little more. Just make sure you write down all questions. Do you have a Macmillan nurse you can contact? You can email them whenever you want if your worried about anything. You also have to remember that cervical cancer is actually pretty rare and there is usually other less simister reasons. 



I'm glad it returned to normal for you, that must have been a relief. I'm planning on writing a few questions down, I mean to do this each time I go to the hospital but always end up just wanting to get out as quick as I can... 


I don't have anyone to contact at Macmillan, the lady who done my colposcopy and lletz gave me her number and told me I could text any time I had any questions, she was so nice but she's left and emigrated to oz:( 


Once I actually get my letter through and see what it says I will get in touch with them with my list of questions, thank you so much for your reply you really have made me feel more at ease with this. 


I hope you continue to get normal results at you're future check ups xx

Hi Jane90,

Sorry to butt in but I was just reading your post and you are so incredibly brave to have dealt with a cancer diagnosis so young!!

im 24 myself, I've just had my first smear which came back abnormal (high grade dyskaryosis) and I'm booked in for colposcopy and lletz on Thursday - so scared!!! I was wondering what symptoms you had, or how did it all come about for you before you got your cc diagnosis? I'm going out my mind, and I can't imagine how I'm going to be when I am waiting for my results :( xxx

Hi LadyG

I'm sorry you're feeling scared, I know how scary it is... The colp and lletz wasn't too bad for me, its just more the thought of you know what's going on down there. When I went for my colp I didn't actually know I wasn't getting lletz done at the same time, they told me as soon as I sat down before they even checked it out so that got me nervous but it was maybe better I didn't know about it beforehand. The whole procedure wasn't painful just more uncomfortable. Its just the waiting for results after that I think gets to most people!


I didn't have any symptoms, this just all came about after my smear at the doctors. Although since lletz I have had painful sex and on a couple of occasions bleeding after sex. I think this might be something to do with the lletz though. 


One piece of advice I'd give you is take someone to you're colposcopy if you can just to have some support and a familiar face. Xx