Cervix trouble

Hi.. I've been having alot of pain in my cervix  this past few weeks..pain is awful when I go to stand or sit..go for a poop cough or sneeze  so went to doctors.. she took some sample swabs to send of to lab..but I cnt stop worrying waiting for results  she has booked me for a scan and another appointment for dye to be put on them for a closer look  I have had abnormal cells 4 years  any thoughts on what it could be.  As you can imagine I'm thinking the worst... much appreciated for reading x

Hi Lisa

This sounds really painful and I'm sorry you're going through it. I am also sore down there (not sure why yet either), but nothing compared to how you described. You did the right thing going to see your GP so quickly. Do you have any other symptoms like discharge or pelvic pain? Does it hurt when you urinate? Did your GP make any comments on your cervix when she examined you?


I'm no expert by any means but it could be down to a simple infection. I hope you aren't waiting too long for your results and completely understand how anxious you must be feeling xx