cervix recovery time


 I had a lletz procedure done back in May for CIN3.  Everything went fine and I've had normal periods since.  In the past month, I've had a slight amount of blood and the black coffee ground type discharge for a few days after sex.  I also am on the nuva ring so I think maybe the ring or the sex may have injured my cervix.  My 6 month follow up exam isn't until November so I'm going to go see my GP tomorrow.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this so long after the surgery?  Does anyone know how long it takes the cervix to fully recover?

Hi in a very similar situation but i had my LLETZ in jan this year and I was using the depo injection but came off that in June however since then I havent had a proper period just this brown / black discharge so went to drs last week in a hope they could give me something to stop bleeding. I was overdue my follow up by 2 months as i had been bleeding on and off dr insisted o doing it there and then and said she saw something on my cervix which could be granulated tissue and made it bleed while doing the smear! Iv been referred back to coloscopy (next mon :() so i would definately say get it checked out by the dr! I can not find any information online about it taking this long to heal but i suppose it is down to the individual!

fingers crossed and hope all went well at drs today