cervix pain

Hi am just wondering if anyone can help i had biopsis done on the 12 nov now witing for lletz on28th under ga  i am haveing relly bad pain in my cervi(i think) i have just ignored i for  bit but its getting relly bad  i get the pain in crvix nd lower bck n tummy pain dose anyon no what it could b thnkyo vey muc katie xxx

Hi Katie,

Sorry to hear you're in pain. It's possible to get an infection after biospsies so it might be a good to see your GP about the pain just in case you need antibiotics. 

Hope you feel better soon and all the best for the LLETZ. Take care x

I had a infec week after my biopsis n there no smelly dissch sorry tmi i have my pre opp wensday shud i wait n ask them or rin doc munday :( xxxxx

Hi, if it were me I'd see/ring the GP on Monday to ask their opinion. The pre-op is more a geneal health check with the anasethetic in mind. It's up to you of course. If it were me, if there was any possiblity of infection I'd want to get antibiotics started. I don't know if they'd want to delay the LLETZ if you had an ifectiion of it they'd go ahead. But at least if you speak to/see your GP Monday you'll know what to tell them Wednesday and can see what they say.


All the best x

I will ring the docs monday thank you for your help x have you gotur results back yet xx


Good luck with the docs, let me know how you get on. 

I'm still waiting for my results, I hope to get them soon. 

Take care xx

I hope you do the pain is relly bad tday i went to my doc few week ago about the pine and also the hip pine i get n all he said was your pain dwn there is nowt t do with hip pain i get but neva sed owt els so i am put off seeing her again but i do need to go as its bad i feel like crying :( xxx

Ihave been to p tday i have a skin infec down there but dont no how i got it xx