Cervix pain - no diagnosis from doctors

i am 25 years old, partner of 3 years, and went to the doctor last Thursday about painful sex and discomfort in my lower abdomin, swollen stomach and pressure, discomfort walking, reduced appetite, frequent bladder and no period for 7 weeks, 

i was examined by the doctor and sent to A&E with a referral letter.

swobs were taken, tests for STD's, infections and bloods for kidneys, urine, pregnancy, and inflammation all came back clear or negative.

i was sent to see a gynaecologist that day and my ovaries, Fallopian tubes and womb are fine, towards the end of the internal examination the doctor said I have an erosion of the cervix, to make an appointment with my GP to get a smear test, 

after all that my period arrived the next day, (Friday) so this put off the smear until today (Wednesday), I'll get back to this bit*


however on Monday morning I started to get a strange sensation in my lower abdomen and legs, my legs ached and the pain moved into my lower back, I rang the doctor again and they asked to see me again, a different doctor available, she examined my stomach and sent me back to A&E with the intent of me seeing female surgical, she advised it was not a problem with my reproductive system and that it could be my bowel?????????

again all the tests came back clear and nothing showed up on an X-ray! 

Back to the smear*

Once getting the smear teat, I screamed in pain and pointed out to the nurse that this is the pain I sm getting, I can hardly walk and only have been given cocodamol 30/500, I cannot take another week off work,


has anyone else had a similar experience and what was the  outcome?

how long does smear results take to come back? 

I feel like I am going mad as all the doctors are telling me I'm fine! I'm not fine and as any woman would feel, I'm worried about long term damage, when I was 19 i had the same issue and was told It was PID and it took 8 weeks to heal and for me to get my life back, I dont have that luxury to be off work, 

a doctor in A& E mentioned endometriosis? 




Hi lovey !

I’m sorry for the late response. I’ve been searching through these posts for a while now but after reading yours, noticed that you are suffering with the same symptoms as me.
I’ve actually just had some swabs taken and if they come back clear I’ll be sent to gynaecology.
I have had HPV and biopsies in the past but haven’t had results from my last smear yet.
Could you share an update ? Did you ever get any answers ?
Hope all is well with you regardless x