Cervix pain a few months after LLETZ

I had a LLETZ procedure 9 weeks ago due to CIN3 cells. Before this i had been suffering with a very painful cervix, basically felt like someone was poking me with a hot poker and back pain. This had been happening on and off for probably 6mths prior to my biopsy. Initially things seemed to settle down with this but now the problem has started up again over last few days. I am not due to go back to gyane for follow up until sept but now but worrying there is an issue they have missed. I have had confirmation that they believe all abnormal cells were removed.

I was HPV positive at my smear in Jan so wondering if this could be causing my cervix to become inflammed and give me pain. This is the first abnormal smear i have had but i have had some issues with this pain for periods over the last 8 years, I remember it first happening when my youngest was a baby. Has anyone experienced anything similar? It is an awful pain. I will of course see my GP next week if it doesnt resolve.