cervix not visable

Has anyone had a problem where there cervix wasnt visable enough for treatment its happened with me and they are suggesting a hysterectomy im so scared as i thought there would be another option

Hiya, They struggled to find mine at my smear- said it was 'hiding' but asked me to cough and found it. Same at my colposcopy. You need to get some more advice. I would presume just because they can't see it that a hysterectomy would be too invasive as a treatment?

Horrible that they have left you with this uncertainty and not explained things properly. I rang my GPs and then the hospital nearly daily asking for information, so pester them and get some answers!

Keep talking on here- lots of people to support you!

Lots of love x

I've had this problem for about 5 years i'm really fed up of it on my last 2 smears i've had to go back and have the consultant do it the last one showed up abnormal cells they keep telling me its quite common for your cervix to hide i've been having smears since i was 16 its never happened till now 

Ive gotta have a total hysterectomy hun because they cant locate the abnormal cells xx