Cervix inflamed. Bled during smear

Hi everyone,

Ive has some midcyle brown discharge for a couple of months and some lower tummy/lower back discomfort - not pain. GP suspected an infection (without examination) so am on two different antibiotics for 2 weeks. Previous smears have come back normal and was due my next smear in May.

Today I went and saw a private gynaecologist because I just feel so anxious about everything. He had a look at my cervix and did a smear which was really traumatic because of how terribly anxious I was. He said my cervix looked inflamed or part of my cervix looked inflamed (can’t remember) and it bled on contact. I’m absolutely beside myself with worry now. Because of the state I was in and how anxious I was he said he would mark it as urgent for me but couldn’t guarantee I would get the results any quicker. 

I guess I am just wondering if anyone had the same and what happened to you? 

Hi mrsoverall, 

You should read my original post. it sounds like we're in the same boat, or are at least similar. Reach out if you have any quesions or concerns.