Cervix Erosion


I'm not normally one for talking about my problems but after extensive internet searches and scaring myself to death i feel i need a little reassurance. I have been seeing a specialist for problems down below since 2011 when it was discovered that my ex boyfriend had given me an STI. I had treatment for it and then went back for a checkup and after an examination the doctor told me that i had a little bit of thrush but it would go away.

I have been with my boyfriend for over 3 years now and for the past 2 years i have had nothing but problems. I have had many symptoms of cervical cancer and have been to see a nurse and she has done swabs but they have all come back fine. I have been on the injection for approximately the same time and after telling my nurse about all of my problems she tried to refer me to see a councellor and told me that it was all psychological - i did not see how bleediing after sex was due to cognitive functions! So when my next injection was due i asked for a doctor to administer it. when i arrived i told her of my problems and she offered to examine me. She said i looked healthy but there may be a slight erosion. I told her of my past and she advised me to get in touch with the specialist again. Because this was longer than 6 months ago i had to go back to the doctors for a referral. I saw a lovely female doctor who examine me again and her face said it all during the examination. She said i had a really bad erosion and that i didnt look too healthy down there and referred me straight away. She told me that i will probably have something frozen? Does anybody know what this entails? As you can imagine i have been panicking about cervical cancer, i am guessing it is a typical reaction, but every doctor i have seen has refused to give me a smear as i am only 21. I know changes happen at my age, but these symptoms have been going on for years now and nobody has done anything about it. Not only this, i have been under a specialist because i have bowel problems, i have had a sigmoidoscopy and that came back all clear but i have diarrhea more than normal people and i can go to the toilet to urinate up to 30 times a day. The eventually said that it seems i have IBS and to stay away from carbs. i feel as though i was just pushed away. at one point, due to abdominal pains, i was given a steroid injection into my stomach - but again i was pushed away from that.

I feel as though nobody is listening to me. I do not feel right in myself. I am losing sleep over this so much. Even if i do just have an erosion on my cervix what will happen?

I apologise for the long message.

Thank you,

Stacey x

Hi and welcome, 

Your story is very similar to mine. Firstly you say she referred you straight away, where have you been referred to? Was it colposcopy? 


Anyway for around the last two years I had been having bleeding after sex and heavy discharge all the time. Also within the last year I suffered from severe recurrent thrush :(

I went to investigate and was referred to an sti clinic that ran some test to see if it was a sexual lying transmitted disease .... turns out I was clean but told I had thrush. I was given a pessary and sent home - the thrush never stopped and neither did the bleeding. Eventually I had a letter in the post calling me for a smear and I rang and booked straight away. It was at the smear that the nurse told me I had an actropian/erosion I didn't know what this meant but she said it can cause bleeding after sex etc.... before leaving she said to me 'when you get tour results through if you don't understand anything call me straight away' now I don't know if this is normal practice but it was when she said that I thought oh god maybe she knows something I don't. 

Bang on 1 week later the letter came in the post informing me I had moderate dyskariosis and this is where I had a melt down, I was an emotional wreck, until I found Jo's that is. I had my colp appointment a week later and had biopsies and a Lletz done there and then. 

The doctor said to me at that time he could just about guarantee this was not cancer and that I'd be back to normal smears in no time but this didn't stop the 5 week wait for the results being the worst of my life to date. 


The letter came and as I was shaking I read he was in fact right that it wasn't cancer, it was in fact severe dyskariosis/CIN3 and had been completely removed and have now been discharged to GP- how I cried with happiness.  


I hope my story has helped you and I'm glad your getting seen to, try not to worry - if they suspected any cancer (from sight of the cervix) you would be rushed through the process.


All my love Rosanna