Cervix curiosity & questions

Hello everyone,


I just had LLETZ done today and was able to watch the treatment on a screen that was behind me - this brought up a few questions that i think even the nurses got confused with...

Just out of curiosity i asked how big the cervix actually was: apprently bigger than a 50p and approx 3cm in length, of cpourse each varies.

My punch biopsy they took the size of my little finger nail (this is the size of a pin head?! must be a big pin i thought when i seen it.

LLETZ the size of a sugar cube (there words and i seen it) they did ask first if i wanted see, and being curious i said yes.

but then my next question to them was does the part thats removed grow back? there answers were very vague which is fine, i think they were more i shock that seeing all this didnt bother me.

Than i asked how many times can you have this procedure done? if after my next 6 month check it came back to get the cells removed again. They didnt have a answer for that.

Just for my own curiosty and because i have attempted to look onilne but TBH google isnt the best for things like this, does anyone know if your cervix grows back? i know its random but i just thought id ask incase anyone knows on here :)




Sounds to me like they are talking about a drawing pin not a sewing pin (which I think is cheating).

I think that your cervix most likely does not grow back, not many body parts do.

Be lucky



I had this done over a year ago & wanted a coil afterwards. They made me wait until my cervix regenerated & healed...6-12 months. The took a lot & aprebtly my cervix look normal so guess it's just scarring. You can hZvd it done more than once, but after a certain amount of times they would probably look at other ways to resolved the issue. Hope that helps! 


I have had 2 big lletz procedures within a couple of months 2.5cm 1st time and whatever was left the second time. Colposcopist told me that I can't have any more. Your post was really interesting and given me some good q to ask when I get my next meeting will ask if cervix regenerates

Thanks for posting 


Well done for getting through it today.

The cervix will heal over time but I do not believe will grow back or regenerate. So it will always be a slightly odd shape now (but who is looking?! Hopefully no-one, ever again!) I think they will do 2/3 LLETZ at a push before there is nothing left to take. That is assuming your abnormalities come back and warrant treatment as the procedure is meant to be 95% effective.

Hope you are feeling ok. Get lots of rest and veg out as much as you can, your body will thank you for it!



Thank you all for your reply's. Just didnt think about any of these questions until i could see the treatment being done.

It does make sense that it would only heal and not grow back.

Just resting at the moment, although i have had very little discomfort so far so its harder to rest because i feel fine.


Hope all you lady's are all ok :)