Cervix completely closed after cone biopsy

Hi!  I am new here.  I had a cone biopsy for CIN3, Carcinoma in Situ back in September 2017.  My 3 month follow up PAP came back as ASCUS which my doctor said was probably due to tissue scarring so we did not proceed with colposcopy.   At my next 3 month PAP, in February 2018, my cervix was completely closed and she had to dilate my cervix to try and get endocervical cells, which she did.  The results were Normal yay!!

For my next PAP, coming up in May, I told her I would not be able to tolerate the dilation (I passed out from the pain) without anesthesia.  She said she would be happy to do the PAP in the surgical center (which would probably be expensive) so that she could dilate while I'm under and get those endocervical cells.

She also said that she thinks it would be just fine to do a regular pap without dilation and get "whatever she can".  She said that if there are abnormal endocervical cells they would probably show up (without having to dilate).   But I'm worried that they wont since my cervix is shut (which is also sort of a creepy feeling, even though I am 55 and nothing is coming out of there anymore). 

She is leaving it up to me to decide and I'm not sure what to do.  I would hate to not catch something as early as possible.  

The good news is that the CIS was not in the endocervical cells from the cone biopsy and margins were clear.

Is anyone else having this issue?  If so, do you have any advice?  


Thank you so much!

Suzanne (U.S.)

Hi Suzanne. I too had a completely closed cervix, or stenosis os as they call it, after a Lletz procedure. At some point after this I had a EUA when they dilated the cervix to look inside. Subsequent smears were difficult to do, but on one occasion when I had a colposcopy, it was not possible to get inside and my CC was missed. So for me it's a no brainier to go for the dilation, but I may be biased here. Hope it all goes well.