Cervix block bowel

Hey ladies,


Random rather embarrassing question. I have lletz over a year ago and all seemed ok. But around 4-5 months ago maybe longer it felt like me cervix moved, so now I bleed after sex & after a bowel movement...it's seems to have fallen onto my bowel so I can't do a bowel movement without tablets... Sometimes it gets so blocked my cervix hurt & bleed. Plus my cervix feel lower inside... I'm 27 so doubt I've had a prolapse... But I'm really concerned about the constant pain & bloating it causes... I'm feel awkward explaining this in person. The close women in my family have had cervical, breast & ovarian cancers so I worry from growing up around that. If anyone has experienced similar I would really appreciate advice


Thanks so much 

I think the cervix is actually very close to the bowel.  When I had my biopsies and again when I had my LLETZ I had spotting with a bowel movement.  I also find sometimes that my period is heavier when I have a bowel movement.  So the two are definitely connected.

But I would encourage you to get this checked out.  Your doctor can hopefully put your mind at rest x

Hi Frankie

Don't suffer in silence, go and get checked out. I am sure more intervention is that last thing you want in that area right now but it is best to get it seen and fixed so you can get back to normal. I am sure they will be able to help you feel comfortable again