Cervix abnormalities & first smear...new&worried

Hiya, Im really sorry if this comes across as really hypochondriac & also my apologies for typos cos I can't seem to write well on my tablet. Some background: I've been on high doses of unopposed oestrogen for some time now for a hormone issue & was told by several consultants last year I was at high risk of endometrial cancer. I've since been told I have/had hyperplasia. I got married in Sept this year which is when my husband & I lost our virginities together so no other sexual partners. I've had a lot of UTIs, back ache & had quite a few episodes of deep pain & bleeding after sex. Last week I ended up in hospital. As soon as I had a speculum exam, a couple of senior consultants were brought in. I was told I had a very low inflamed cervix with erosion & that I needed to be seen at a special clinic for more tests within a fortnight. They were all murmuring it was unusual because of only having one sexual partner. I had several swabs taken as well as a smear test & a swab that had some special fluid on it? Then sent home to await the follow up. My head is in overdrive cos my Mum had several abnormal smear results & had to have a colposcopy & has to have a lot of tests on the cells. Gynae cancers run strongly in my family & I'm already high risk with my treatment. I'd really appreciate any reassurance possible, I know I must sound silly. I'm 21 so very young & because of my hormone problem I will eventually need a total hysterectomy. I'm just so scared that the bleeding after sex & pain I was having that I assumed was down to my womb problems might be more serious after all. The doctors were reassuring that the clinic is very good & experienced in these issues but I'm very nervous. Thanks for reading & sorry for the long post... Love Chelsea xx

Hi Chelsea,

I can't believe that nobody has said hello to you in a whole month! You must think we're all really dreadful!

I am afraid that I have absolutely no experiences to compare with yours, I just wanted to be friendly and say I hope things turn out well for you.

Be lucky


Hi Chelsea,

Really sorry to hear you are having so many health worries at

such a young age,also as Tivoli said,sorry we missed your post

a month ago.I hope since then you have more understanding

of what is going on with you.The more info the easier it is to deal

with things I find.

Let us know how you got on.

Congratulations on your marriage :-)

All the best

Becky x

It's okay, thank you both so much for replying anyway! Things have been a bit hectic & messed up anyway... 

I've been referred for a colposcopy & for any unusual cells to be tested because my consultant agreed I shouldn't be bleeding after sex & being very uncomfortable...it's embarassing as well as worrying!

i hate intimate examinations because I have post traumatic stress disorder - is the colposcopy & biopsy as scary as it sounds? Is there anything I can do to manage my nerves on the day? Sorry if the questions seem a bit obvious! Really appreciate any help xxx