Cervical smear abnormal but...

I am 24 with a 1 year old born by c-section. Not really sure where else to ask so I hope you all don't mind. I'll start from the beginning. In February I noticed after a bowel movement a would spot a bit, this happened for a week so I went to the doctors. He gave me many reasons this would be happening and sent me too the nurse. She had a look at my cervix and I think she said there was some polyps which are common but she wouldn't give me a smear due to my age and to go back in May. I've noticed now that some months a spot for a bit on the day that I should be ovulating. Some months I dont. I had my smear and the results came back that there was some abnormal cells but no HPV  was detected so to have another in 3 years and the abnormal cells should go by them selves. 


Me and my partner had sex last week 2 days before my period was due and I bled a bit after, I then did come on the following day though. I've come off my period now but still have cramps so I checked my cervix. There is two (What feel to me a little bit big) lumps. Are these polyps? Or should I go back to the doctors? I have spoken to the nurse since my smear to ask if I should have another in 6 months? My reply was they are really good at finding things if there was anything to be worried about you would of been told. Although this doesn't put my mind at rest. We would like to expand our family soon and I'm just wondering if it's worth finding somewhere private round here to have one redone in a couple of months?


Thank you