Cervical screening vs smear test

Is cervical screening same as smear test?

6years ago I’ve been diagnosed with CIN2 but no HPV. I had colposcopy and LEEP treatment to remove abnormal tissue.

I had cervical screening recently and received results which was only saying that I do not have HPV.
Do they still do PAP test as well or only checking HPV?

Hello! This depends on where you live
If you are England, Scotland or Wales they now do HPV primary testing
So your sample is tested for HPV
If HPV + the sample is cytology tested for abnormalities
If it’s HPV - it is not tested

I am not sure if things are different in Northern Ireland.

The old way was that all samples would be cytology tested. HPV testing would maybe be done at a later stage eg if requested by the hospital or after treatment maybe