Cervical screening results

Hi Everyone,
I’m 33, mum of three, a bit confused and overwhelmed and would appreciate some advice. My cervical screening results came in the post today. It states I’m positive for HPV and also have ‘borderline cell changes’ and an appointment for colposcopy has been arranged. I’ve cried a lot, tried to make sense of it, tried to call the GP twice on hold for 27 minutes altogether with no answer. Had a family member walk over to try and get me a call back was told to call 111 if it’s urgent as they are too busy. I have googled a lot and read up on things but then found this forum. Can anyone please help me make sense of this. Does does mean I’m pre cancerous?


Try not to worry to much. I worried myself sick when I got a letter saying hpv positive with severe cell changes. I was booked in for lletz within a week 9f the letter.

I had the lletz and still worried myself sick. I had my results back and they said the found cin1, cin2 and cin3 and they got it all! Have to go for a smear in 6 months time but to organise it myself with my gp (so I’m officially discharged from the hospital!)

Thank you Sam. And happy hear they get all x

Hi @Flower

My first abnormal smear back in 2020 was the same result HR HPV+ with a borderline change, when you hear the word borderline, its very much like a borderline blood result, the blood work is on the borderline of normal/on the verge of being abnormal… at the most they could find a higher grade, but there would need to be a huge error on pathologues side if they found CC after a smear only reported a borderline change

When changes are found in our squamous cells, smears can come in many ways:

  • Borderline change: this means the cells still look kinda normal but not quite, usually its inflammation making the cells look a little different or it could be the start of cells beginning to change, but borderline changes arnt classed as a CIN/precancer
  • low grade dyskaryosis: inflammation could still be the cause, but the cells could also be at CIN1, these changes although a CIN arnt generally a cause for concern its not seen as a true precancer unless it perisists or progresses to a higher grade, most often than not it goes away on its own… they usually monitor this change with a follow up smear rather than treating it
  • high grade moderate dyskaryosis: they expect to see CIN2, it has more chance of progressing to a higher grade but there are still many cases of regression, they are more inclined to treat these changes but people can still opt for monitoring
  • severe dyskaryosis: CIN3 is expected from this result, this is the direct precurser and seen as the true precancer as this grade has less chance than the other two (there are still many cases who have regressed) so its treated ASAP as if it does progress the next stage would be CC
  • some have had a severe (?invasion) result - this means they expect CIN3 but they are also looking for an invasion as the smear has indicated malignancy could also be present

Smears dont diagnose our cells, they just describe how different they look from normal giving the colposcopist an idea of what they should expect to see… ultimately my cells did progress to CIN3 which got removed just under a year ago, my folow up smear 6 months later sep22 was HPV- so im back to my normal 3 yearlies xx


Hi @Tinkerbelle29,
I can’t thank you enough for this. I really appreciate this, it’s really helped me make sense of things. So glad I found this forum. Xx


Hi please try not to worry i did the exact same an had the same results as you its just changes due to HPV im assuming an to be safe they send you to colopscopy just basically to either monitor or have a closer look i worked myself up alot i had minor changes an HPV i ws given the option at colopscopy to monitor or remove i removed straight away as just didnt want to risk anything turning bad even tho consultant told me it would likely clear itself i had to get biopsys which is routine with a colopscopy also so dont worry if they do that an yes im worried bout those but its all kind of routine an to see what grade the changes are i know all this now but a few weeks ago i didnt so please try not to make yourself sick over this its more common than we realise xx

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Hey, please try not to worry too much about it. I had the exact same- take a look at my 2 posts to see what I did about it. I was so worried when I first got it, but if you’re not getting symptoms then it should clear on its own. Take care!

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