Cervical screening programme

Everyone goes on about how great the screening program is - and its good we have it obviously, but ive found it pretty awful.

Aside from the long waits and vague letters about upsetting news - why is so little known about hpv - i think i genuinly knew more than the gp from researching everything i could find online (which is in itself not much and very contradictory)

I feel like the ‘most people clear hpv in 2 years’ shite is very gaslighty and annoying. For a start it makes people who havnt (still a large percentage of people) feel bad. I anecdotally know lots who have had it for years including myself. Also its not clear whether thats actually the case it is cleared or whether it is just dormant - different people have told me different things. noone knows!!!

The treatment for people with persistent cell changes is also bullshit - keep hacking away at your cervix and wait for it to come back. And it stretches over years and years never letting you forget it and move on.

Ergh its all so awful, i dont even want to go back for my next checkup in 6 months it is relentless.

Sorry for rant, feel a bit better now lol. This whole thing can be very exhausting.

Hey :slight_smile: I totally agree. I’ve had HPV for 4 and a half years now and it honestly doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to go away! I’ve had one LLETZ and at my last colposcopy they found borderline cells. I don’t think I can go through treatment again. On top of that I now have cervical stenosis and have had emergency surgery to dilate my cervix twice now. It feels like I’m on a slow journey towards a hysterectomy but even that won’t help if I can’t get rid of the HPV because then it can apparently attack the walls of the vagina! Ugh!

Aw - im sorry, sounds like youve had a rough time of it! Yeah having to eventually get a hysterectomy is also a fear for me , especially as am only 26. It is hard being powerless over whether it comes back and having abso no preventative treatment options to actually rid the cause of the problem :frowning:
Hard also the way it all goes on and on

Best of luck with everything Xxx

Its definitely a great thing for is to have but theres is alot they can improve with it… there needs to be a change in how things are done, its great but it isnt perfect

Theres the side you ladies have mentioned and im sorry you are having to experience it… virtual hugs to tou both and anyone else still going through this 🩵 there is also the other side to the screening where i think they rely too much on that HPV test, its ridiculous since HPV was tested as a primary if that test is negative your given the all clear and back on usual recalls they wont check the cells unless its positive so really those that are negative dont get a smear they just get the test, even on a test of cure smear after a LLETZ treatment they dont check the cells and off you go for the next 3 year… when in reality HPV co testing smears your still meant to check the cells to cut out the false negative/positive rates that the HPV test could have, but for some reason the NHS dont and seem to be under the impression false negatives dont happen so theres no need to check the cells since they didnt detect the virus

Somebody needs to look at the whole screening procedure and look into what they can improve… more widespread info on HPV for a start, like you say even some doctors need to be reeducated on the matter, instead of just the copy thats sent to our GPs we should have our own copies that we can atleast understand, HPV negatives should still get a smear completed… thats just to name a few lol

Its awful that we are just expected to plod on, but on the other hand im greatful that we have this as not long ago there we had nothing lol xx

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Thanks :slight_smile: Yeh I’m 32 and it’s been going on since I was 28. I’m actually considering getting the HPV jabs as I’ve read that it might actually help people with HPV.

Oh really? I actually got the jabs when i was 11 but still got it anyway. I have heard though that they can help adults that already have potentially - worth a try