Cervical Screening Invitatation Letter

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post here. I had my first smear back in November 2020 just after I received my first invitation letter 6 months before my 25th birthday. My next one will be due in November 2023, how soon before then will I get the letter inviting me to attend? I am going to be away from the end of November travelling so wont be able to get this done then so Ideally want to get this booked ASAP. I thought I might get something through saying t was due 6 months before it was but not had anything yet. If anyone knows how long before its due you get the letter Id be very grateful. I have tried ringing the surgery but just sit on hold and they havent responded to my email.



Hi, your screening invite letter will normally arrive about 6 weeks before your due. Are you going travelling for a while?