Cervical screening - bad experiences after birth of baby affecting me

Hi there. I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for this question but I’m not sure where to ask.

I’ve had two prior smear tests in the past (both normal). I had my last one before the birth of my baby and I’ve been called for my next one.

Problem is I’m terrified. They’ve always been excruciatingly painful which I was told shouldn’t be the case, but after being prodded and poked during pregnancy (being induced and having sweeps which were like having a smear) I was told I have a tilted and hard to reach cervix which could be the reason for the pain. My midwife told me I could request a smear using gas and air in future. I don’t know how true this is though. Does anyone know? I have unresolved issues as the birth of my baby wasn’t straightforward and quite traumatic (although we are both here and healthy which is the main thing of course)

I know it is important to have my next smear - I’ve been having cramps on the front and under my ribs and lower back pain and yesterday had some brown spotting (I’m on Cerelle birth control though and have been for two years which I understand could be responsible), but I’m terrified something is up but I am in a state about going for a smear so much I’m shaking and sick and dizzy (I suppose like a panic or anxiwty attack). I plan to try and see my GP tomorrow but I wondered if anyone knows if my midwife was right or maybe any tips or reassurance? Sorry if this sounds pathetic.

Well done for not just putting it off completely, which is what I did with rather disasterous consequences.


You could ask your GP for Valium. I am dental phobic and always have valium for visits to the dentist, just like some people have it to fly.


I would load up on painkillers before the smear, paracetomal and ibuprofen the night before and the morning of......


I've never heard of having a smear with gas and air but if your midwife says that then it must be possible. You need to attack it from the psychological side (fear) and the physical (pain) 

Talk it through with your GP. Also se if there is any counselling available to talk through your birth. Mine was very traumatic (not as traumatic as cancer treatment!) and I did go and speak to someone at the hospital a few months after my son was born.


In short...just make sure you go. The consequences of not going are just too great.


Good luck