Cervical Screening Audit

Recently diagnosed with CC Stage 2b in January - i completed my Chemoradiation treatment (awaiting MRI results to see if successful)

But i have been called in to discuss as they have audited my previous smear tests and have found that my one from 2017, borderline cell changes were missed, which the consultant said would probably have been able to have been treated with LLETZ and monitoring and i wouldnt have ended up here.

Anyone else been through anything similar?

I feel so lost, they’ve robbed me of my chance to have more children (I’m 31) and i have ended up with longer term issues due to the treatment.

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the devastating consequence to your ability to have children. I am a lot older than you, but I also had my cancer missed by the screening service (as you can see from my back story) and I was written to and told there would be an investigation. Sadly, I think we’re not alone. Do pursue this, particularly as the late treatment has robbed you of your fertility. You have a right to answers.

Wow this is awful. How were they missed? Are you in the UK? I hope it is being investigated. What a tough time you are going through with your diagnosis and treatment and now this audit. Fingers crossed for you that your treatment has been successful.

Omg just read your back story how horrendous. Glad you seem to be over the worst of it now that’s great news.

I am considering my next step, as surely it isn’t right.

They have looked back at my slides from my previous smear and said they’ve found borderline cell changes which weren’t noticed at the time. Yes in the UK.

There was an audit done in Ireland too in recent years and many abnormal smears were not reported and there are several legal cases going on. I’m not sure if it was in the news in the UK.

My heart goes out to you and I’m really hoping your treatment has been successful as you should not be in this situation if previous abnormalities were missed.

Omg you could not make this up, I was actually diagnosed nov 2020 stage 3C, smears from my audit have both been reclassified as borderline/highgrade changes, my smears were 2019 and 2014 both reported as no abnormal cells, I only got the results from this audit last week so am still in a lot of shock amd angry to know this whole thing could probably be avoided, but on the positive I’m here xx

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3b in October 2018 and in January 2019 had my treatment, .
My audit was carried in 2019 and I kept asking for the results but kept getting fobbed off , in April this year I got told I could make an appointment to discuss the audit which I did and saw them in June . I’ve never missed a smear test and they always came back negative but when they retested them it was high grade borderline in the 2012 sample and in 2015 they said it was unreadable. I’m so angry :rage: and I’m finding it hard to take in and process cuz my cancer could been avoided. Have you done anything about your audit?
From Amanda

That’s awful that it wasn’t picked up previously. No wonder you are in shock. I had a letter about my smears being audited last week but they said it could take a couple of months for the results. Did yours take long? I’d never had an abnormal smear until the one that let to my diagnosis and I’d had my last smear exactly 3 years before and had a baby during that time.
I’m the same stage as you and was diagnosed the same month. How are you feeling in yourself? X

It must be so difficult to process. It’s terrifying how it could be missed. I completely understand your anger x

It’s so unfair , one day I’m ok and the next I’m not this information as messed with my head and I wish I hadn’t asked for it