Cervical screening and Positive result


My fiance and I experienced a chemical pregnancy and loss in December. Prior to the loss, I had a pap in November that came back clean, no changes plus pregnancy confirmation. Ive had some bleeding that lasts 2-3 days around when my cycle is predicted each month. We moved to Texas in January and I started seeing a new doctor last month. They did a pap and bloodwork. The pap came back HPV positive. Im confused as ive always had normal paps and ive been with my fiance for 4.5 years. Is it possible that the chemical pregnancy made the HPV become detectable? Ive had a few ultrasounds done prior to our move that showed no abnormalities.

Sorry for your loss :heart:
Ultrasound would not show cervical abnormalities

I am not sure how things have been done in the States but here in the UK HPV testing has only been done for a few years so for a lot of ladies they only have one or maybe two HPV tests under their belt as part of the screening program. This means a lot of us are surprised when we get a positive result!

That said there are lots of things that can cause HPV to go dormant or come out of dormancy. If you have had a history of negative HPV tests as well as normal screenings.
Pregnancy, stress, illness and just plain old random factors. Doesn’t mean it won’t go away on its own again

Best to you and your fiance!