Cervical scar tissue - pregnancy after late loss

Hi everyone,

I have a question re cervical scar tissue after LLETZ. I had a LLETZ proceedure done Oct 15, fell pregnant in January 16 and very sadly suffered an incompetent cervix and premature labour at the end of May, losing our little boy Noah at 18 weeks. I had to have another operation through my very small cervix to remove the placenta manually which was done once my contractions stopped. We’ve being ttc again since losing him with no joy and I was wondering if anyone else experienced fertility issues after treatments. I had read that rarely scar tissue can block the sperm and I wanted to know if you experienced this how you went about finding out.

Thanks for reading



I am so so sorry that you lost your boy, I hope you have been able to conceive again since this post! I hadscar tissue after lletz and it’s caused me severe issues ttc. I developed Ashermans syndrome of my cervix and needed microsurgery to remove it. Had to have IVF. I have had 2 natural pregnancies though but only after the cervix has been opened up through the scar tissue. It’s such a damaging procedure the Lletz. It should be banned.