Cervical Polyps

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has ever had cervical polyps? x

Hello I had polyps but not cervical ones, endometrial the ones inside the uterus.
I had them twice they were very easy to remove, totally painless, I had it in 2014 and later in 2018. Since then I need to have yearly scans to check if they have come back or not as reocurrence is actually quite high for it between 15 and 45 % . But treatment is quite simple and if I get it again I know I can be sorted quite easily as long as they don’t become too big is not a problem, mine were 1.5 cm and the second was extremely small o.5. Both byopsy of the polyp not cancer, the chances of it being cancer are extremely low. I believe with cervical polyps have similar outcomes. Take care

Thanks so much. Did they use z Lletz to remove do you know.

Is done during the hysteroscopy , what is inserted through the hysteroscope remove polyps. That is how they did mine don’t know if there is a specific name for it but no-one mentioned Lletz
But like I said mine were in the uterus not the cervix maybe is different procedure for that.

It’s all a bit complicated. Hope you’re ok. Just got a date now, I’ll let you know how everything goes. Thanks Xx

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