Cervical Polyp

Hi, I am 58 and started bleeding like every other day when I have a bowel movement.  I went to gyro right away.  The first thing she said when looking down there was, "I think I see a big problem."  I'm a little freaked.  She ended up saying I had a huge polyp that was coming down into my vagina and there was 1/3 change it was cancerous.  WTH?  I have to go to an oncologist to get it removed as she was afraid I would start to bleed out.  Does this sound like she thinks I have cancer, but just didn't want to come out and say it?  What kind of Dr. says, "I think I see a big problem."  Ugh.  Thanks for any help!

Hello I had a polyp but it turned out to be benign. It was only once it had been removed & sent to a lab for testing that they were able to tell me though. Hope yours turns out to be benign too!

I hope u get good results, it's horrible when u are left wondering and waiting