Cervical Neoplasm

My twin sister has been having really bad pelvic pains about 2 weeks leading up to each period. In early September, she went to the gynecologist and was asked to get an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed Adenomyosis, cysts on her left ovary, and a large well-circumscribed cervical mass (about 6cm) that could be a fibroid or neoplasm. The doctor called and said she thought it was likely a fibroid but an MRI was recommended. After the MRI, my sister was told that it wasn’t a fibroid and the neoplasm could be precancer or cancer. She was referred to a gyn oncologist. The oncologist attempted to do a colposcopy, but it was too painful for my sister so he said he’d do the biopsy under anesthesia. He did say that the parametrium looked good on the MRI and that if it’s cancer, treatment would consist of chemoradiation and a radical hysterectomy. The mass is protruding I to the vagina, but the doctor said that he didn’t think it was attached to the vaginal wall. We found out later (after the doctor emailed and heard back from the radiologist) that one pelvic lymph node is borderline enlarged (1.0 x 1.7 cm). She had shingles 2 weeks prior, but the doctor didn’t think shingles would affect that lymph node. Anyway, that was about 3 weeks ago. Her procedure is this Friday 10/6 and we are both very nervous. The doctor is also going to send cameras to her bladder, uterus, and rectum to look at those areas. At this point, I wonder what the odds are that it isn’t cancer. Has anyone had a similar experience. Or is there any way to ease my mind before finding out the results. The wait is killing be. Thank you!