Cervical mucus after trachelectomy. Sorry for tmi

hi ladies

i was just wondering if any of you ladies still see evidence of cervical mucus During your cycle?

before my diagnosis I was trying to conceive and was tracking my cm. I expected to see none after the op but still appear to be getting it! I know thats hopefully a good thing but I'm a tad confused! What have you experienced????


N x

Oh my gosh...just googled cervical mucus as I was unsure what it was......some beautiful piccies there!!!! looking at them I think I'm still getting this post trach but I've not really been keeping an eye on it!! Fingers crossed it's a great thing for us both :) xx

haha yeah there are some pretty stomach turning pics about! 


I had less than before my surgery but it was still present. I have a stump of a cervix left so that it still producing the mucus, sounds like you have the same.

All the best