Cervical mass found on MRI - not diagnosed yet but worried

Hi - I had an MRI scan a few weeks ago following symptoms of pain, slight bleeding and a feeling of 'pressure' in my pelvic area. My GP thought initially it might be a prolapse. The MRI shows a 'cervical mass' and I am booked for an EUA/Biopsy etc next week. My smear tests are up to date and normal but I am terrified as the Dr said I was an 'urgent' case and I have been assigned an Macmillan nurse. Has anybody got a similar experience. I can come to terms with whatever the outcome (easy to say now I know) but the waiting is going to send me crazy.

I had crazy bleeding/yellow discharge, crampy pains, backache. My GP discounted cc Because I'd had a recent smear that was clear (and all previous ones were clear too). I has an ultrasound scan that showed a bulk at my cervix, but the gynae consultant told me at the first appointment that I had cc - she just knew. I then had MRI/CT/biopsy/EUA/PET scan. The outcome was adenocarcinoma which is not picked up by smear tests.  Whatever the outcome, you will deal with it and this forum is a great place for support and advice. Stay positive! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I feel I can deal with the outcome - I'm just not dealing very well with the wait! Sending you all best wishes. 


Hi cj8477

I was sent to a&e because of abnormal bleeding where the found a mass on my cervix, exactly 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with cc but have been assured its early stages. I'm currently undergoing several biopsies and awaiting MRI/PET scans to have the exact stage so I totally understand the waiting game is just torturous and the mind always tends to jump to worst case scenario but one thing I've learned throughout this so far is that no amount of worrying will change the outcome.

Initially, in a&e I was told the mass could be a polyp which always tend to be benign. My consultant also advised me that there were precancerous cells surrounding the active cancer cells (hence I'm lucky that it is early stages) so although a mass has been found at this point it is not necessarily cc especially as your smears are up to date (mine weren't). My sister is a nurse and advised me that once a mass is identified in the cervix they will always treat it as an urgent case.

Wishing you the very best and keeping everything crossed for you that the mass is benign.

Jeebers - thank you for your reply - very much appreciated. Sending all best wishes and positivity for your treatment. x