Cervical lesion

I'm wondering if anyone has gone through or going through the same situation as me and what the outcome was. 

So at the beginning of December I went for my routine smear. The nurse done my smear and said she would be referring me to Colposcopy as she can see a red lesion on my cervix. I had a referral for a Gynecology appointment on the 9th for a transvaginal scan. I also had an abdominal scan which was fine and a pelvic exam which was normal. I also have no symptoms. I had the results on the 16th which all came back normal. Ovaries, uterus, Fallopian tubes all fine. The only problem is this red lesion. I got my results through the post which states "red lesion at the external os which is not like a polyp and doesn't bleed on touch. So the Gynecologist has referred me for an urgent Colposcopy appointment. Also I'd like to add that my smear test has come back Negative, retest in 3 years. I have my Colposcopy on Tuesday and to say I've googled everything possible is an understatement. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through the same thing? I can't stop thinking the worst. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

Can't offer any advice but in a similar position in that I had no indication there was any issue until I went for a coil fitting on New Year's Eve (exciting, right! ?) and GP referred me under 2WW due to cervical lesions. I have no symptoms but can feel a lump on the cervix. Hospital have booked me in for Mon 18th but waiting on letter to understand whether they will do a colposcopy or not. All the best for Tuesday and let us know how you get on. x

Thanks for your reply bubblequeen. I got referred 2ww for a gynecology appointment but at the moment all my results are coming back normal. Then she referred me to Colposcopy. Been going on about 5 weeks now. I think I'll be to scared to touch my cervix to be honest. In case I feel something I don't want to know about. I'm just at a dead end with what this red lesion is and I'm petrified about the results or outcome from Colposcopy. Can't sleep properly thinking about it. I hope your appointment goes well also. 

The waiting is awful, isn't it. As hard as it is, at least come Tuesday you'll have some more info. All the best and hope you can find some nice distractions over the weekend. I went out for a long walk this morning which really helped. I am.working full-time, studying and have two kids at home so have been going slightly stir crazy. If nothing else, have decided to use this waiting period to be kinder to myself and cut myself a bit of slack. Xx

Hello ? 

I haven't got any advice as such but I'm in a similar situation. Had my 3rd baby in September and had a smear 18th December. Nurse seen what she described as blisters and small lesions on my cervix and inflammation. Smear results came back hpv negative. Went to colposcopy on Wednesday and I have nabothian cysts which are fine, cervix is red because I'm breastfeeding apparently but after she put on the special solutions she could see 'changes'....whatever that means. She took a biopsy so awaiting those results. I'm completely worried sick about it but also telling myself what will be will be as I cannot function in this state of high anxiety any longer,  it's been making me so unwell.


Wishing you the very best and rest assured you will be well looked after xx

Hi Kelly11

Ive got my Colposcopy Tuesday and I'm dreading it. I've had Lletz treatment in the past for CIN3. Don't know if this lesion I have could be something to do with that. I saw a Gyne a couple weeks ago but when I asked her what it might be she said she doesn't know! Like you what will be will be. Not much we can do about it to be honest. I hope your results come back ok and can be sorted. Isn't it strange how we both have had negative smears but abnormalities of the cervix. I don't know what mine will look like once they put the solution on. Just strange that yours showed changes even though your smear is negative. Let me know what the outcome is. All the best. 


I feel all I'm doing lately is waiting for appointments or results. I've ran out of things to google! I know I shouldn't but I'm terrible for it. I just really hope there isn't anything sinester going on. I know the smear isn't 100% but to tell me that I'm negative for high risk should tell me something. Also they don't test cells anymore if Hpv negative which I think is wrong! All the best to you. 

Just an update for my post. Went to Colposcopy yesterday (12th Jan) I have Cervical Ectropion which is caused by my pill. Also the red lesion was so tiny but turned out it's a very small cluster of blood vessels. It's normal apparently, she didn't do anything just had a look and then I left. Phew!! 

That's great news, @Kel05 - thanks for the update! I have my Gynae appointment on Monday - this week is going so slowly!

That's fantastic news! Lovely to hear positive outcomes xx