cervical erosion?

Hi ladies has anybody got any information on what could possibly be cervical erosion?  Get my results on Tuesday fingers crossed xx

Hey there, cervical erosion or ectropian as they like to call it these days is quite common. It is when the cells that should normally be on the inside canal of the cervix grow where they shouldnt and come out on to the outer surface of the cervix. As these cells are more fragile they tend to bleed very easily, symptoms can include iregular spotting/bleeding especially after sex and increased vaginal discharge. Treatment normally involves cauterisation although it is often left without treatment if its not too bad. Common causes are the pill and hormonal changes although mine developed as a result of lletz treatment. 

After I had lletz I seemed to heal really well to begin with but then developed random bleeding which was really bad after being intimate, sometimes it was like a period other times just a little, when I had my follow up they discovered a large ectropian and cauterised it there and then with silver nitrate. Not the most plesent experience, a bit like really bad period cramps, but it was over in minute or so. I was uncomfortable for a few days with a week or so of horrible discharge but that was it, done and dusted and no more bleeding :)

Hope that helps

I was diagnosed with an ectropion last year and had treatment , apparently I had an hormone overdose due to having an implant and being on the pill , everything was fine until, I started noticing unusual hair growth , they suspect its polycystic ovaries and I had blood test for hormone levels 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard nothing back yet , I ring every other day as I'm so worried but they say my results haven't come back yet , I'm only 22 and I have been having trouble since I was 18 after an ex was unfaithful and I contracted chlamdia , I'm petrified I can't get pregnant and it worries me every day that it could be cancer, unsure if anyone has experienced symptoms that are the same xx