Cervical erosion/ smear

Hi :wave:, i hope im in the right place. Im a bit worried. My last smear was 4 years ago and around the same time i had irregular bleeding, bleeding between periods, extremely heavy bleeding, pain during sex …so i was referred to gynaecology, they found absolutely nothing and my smear was normal so i was discharged.

This time round im having extremely heavy periods, 2 weeks apart , last for (the longest has been 12 days) im cramping in my lower left side and its radiating through to my back, my bladder feels heavy all the time and im urinating quiet a lot compared to what i normally do, when im not bleeding i have constant discharge, a lot of it. To me its like egg white… had my smear yesterday and god was it painful, she said she can see quite a bit of cervical erosion that is bleeding on touch.

I know cervical erosion has nothing to do with cancer, i know that. I know it can be normal for a lot of people. What im worried about is my symptoms, doctor google has me over thinking everything, how can they tell the difference between erosion and cancer, going by google pictures they look quite similar, yes i know the smear will tell me but those results will be weeks away .

Hi. I was told in 2015 I had an erosion by a Dr doing a smear and I was having discharge which was freaking me out. I now have a polyp which I’m concerned about as I am thinking was that previously an erosion not that and it’s now something else but I’ve been told that when they see erosions (which are common apparently) they do a smear from that area and test it. If it’s normal / clear then I don’t think they do anything else unless the symptoms of the erosion are particularly bothersome (bleeding and discharge). If it’s bothering you, you can have it cauterised. My friend was having spotting and discharge because of it and she had it cauterised.

My erosion isn’t there anymore. But there’s a polpy so as above I’m worried but what I will say is I know loads of people who’ve had those erosions (which are meant to be called ectropion) cause the cervix isn’t eroding. It’s the newer cells from the inside turning itself inside out - kinda. Imagine your mouth (lips on outside is rough) pull your lip down and it’s shiny. It’s basically that but in your cervix.

It’s hard not to worry. I know how I feel atm and I’m up the wall because of the growth in my cervix but having an ectropion and know so many people who have, I’d advise you to go get it cauterised if it’s making you bleed and discharge.

Hope that helps xx

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Hi, I have similar symptoms for over a year. Smear was normal but the discharge (Sam as yours) continued as dod the bleeding so I took myself back to the drs and they did a check, thought possibly ectropian and referred to colposcopy.
If you’re concerned about your symptoms, go to your doctor and ask for a referral for colposcopy. No need to wait for your smear results to do so. :smiling_face:

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Ive been referred to gynaecology anyway so i can probably ask them.

Thanks x