Cervical erosion - post cauterisation advice

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help at all? I thought I’d ask questions before wasting my GP’s time! I appreciate that everyone has more serious questions than me, but the previous forum did not reply to me!

I have had a cervical erosion for nearly 2 years, caused by the hormones in the pill, and had it cauterised a week ago today. I have had no pain or discomfort since the op, and have 3 more weeks to get an idea if it has hopefully worked or not.

I’m in two minds about staying on my pill as I’m scared that the hormones will cause it to come back. I had dark brown discharge everyday of the month and it really got me down. I’m on cilest, but am contemplating going on a progesterone only pill.

I’m hoping if any of you ladies can answer my questions for me?

  1. Did anyone who had this cauterisation treatment, come off of the pill and go on something different? (As I’ve been told the pill caused mine)

  2. If you did stay on your usual contraceptive pill, did the operation fail and the erosion come back?

  3. How long until the brown discharge stops after the operation? (Apologies for the TMI)

  4. Did anyone have a period whilst recovering from the op and if so, did it upset the healing process?

Sorry for all the questions! I did ask the doctor at the time of the operation, but they were short in answering and didn’t really give me peace of mind. I’d like to hear other people’s advice before I take a trip to the GP.

Thank you xxx

Hi Amy, 

I'll be keen to hear too as I've had similar symptoms since my last cone biopsy and my consultant doesnt have any answers yet.  I don't know if mine is cervical erosion but like you I have come off Cilest, tried the mini pill Noriday and finally stopped taking them all together just to eliminate the pill as a culprit. Noriday gave me really heavy periods and as I'm up for a hysterectomy next I figured I just wanted my body back with no chemical interference.

I understand how you feel but definitely share your concerns with the gp as you're certainly not wasting their time.

good luck x

Thank you for your reply! 

I have had nothing but problems with this erosion. I am waiting for my biopsy results too! 

I have decided to come off of the pill altogether, as I don't want the hormones to interfere with the healing process. As I know that's what caused it!

i am 10 days post cauterisation, and for a week experienced the watery discharge, and now it's turned back to my usual dark brown discharge :( I'm hoping this is part of the healing process, and not that the treatment hasn't worked. 

Really keen to hear from anyone, if they have experienced these symptoms too! 

Thank you xxxx

Hi there. It took a while for me to heal following cautery to an erosion. 2-3 weeks. I was told it can take up to six weeks. Brown discharge sounds like old blood, were you getting this prior to having the area cauterised? 


thats given me a bit of peace of mind. But yes, I was having the brown discharge before the cautery. This was from the active erosion though! I'm hoping its just the healing process! 


Thought I might update:

didn't have the usual brown discharge for a month after the cauterisation. Felt amazing to finally have a month with normal discharge. Also got my biopsy results back too - CIN 1 cells that were treated during the cauterisation for the erosion.

Last had sex on Friday, was estimated to be due on, on Sunday (2 days ago), brown discharge started again, exactly like the stuff I got whilst having the active erosion. I am crossing all fingers that it is AF coming And not that the erosion has returned From sex. (Really sorry for the tmi) 

This is my first natural period since coming off of cilest. I did have a period 2 weeks after my operation, caused by the pill break. 

Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? I.e. erosion coming back, or different period to normal? 

would really appreciate some advice! 



Hi Amy. Sorry to bring up an old post but wondered how you got on post the treatment and whether you are symptom free? I had treatment on Saturday for heavy discharge and it is worse now than it was beforehand. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Amy93,

i was wondering how your treatment ended up. I see you have cervical cautery done in 2016. 

I had just this procedure done 21 days ago. I’m 28 and have cervical ectropion. I live in the United States and my gynecologist has never seen a case like mine before and says it’s rare.