Cervical Erosion/Ectopy

Hi All

I have recently been examined by my GP and told I have cervical ectopy.  

I have now been referred to a gynaecologist, as all my smears have come back clear they have said it is unlikley to be anything to worry about and I will have a coloposcopy and diathermy. This is due in 4-6 weeks time.

However I am still incredably worried about the whole thing, I cannot stop my mind from jumping ahead to having been misdiagnosed and that something else will be found on examination.  I am also worried that they will just do the proceedure and not check for anything else because of my clear smears but I am not assured that a clear smear is enough to confirm there is no other cause for my abnormal bleeding.

Do you have any advice on how to approach getting confirmation about the ectopy? Can I ask for a biopsy of the area if they dont offer to take one? Tend to feel so powerless in all of this, has taken 12 months to even get to this point.  

I am also scared of the colposcopy itself as my last 2 smears have been so uncomfortable that my body has tried to push the speculum out!Am wondering whether going private would have any advantages, but given that is an expensive option, I really dont want to spend so much over nothing but not sure I can stand 6 weeks of over thinking it all in this way.

Any advice appreciated.





Hi, I went through something similar recently so hopefully I can put your mind at some rest.  My Dr suspected I had cervical ectropy and referred me for a colposcopy. I thought the colposcopy was actually better than the smear because they are so used to doing them they put your mind at rest and it wasn't as uncomfortable.  He did say that I had ectropy which is really common and the cause of all my abnormal bleeding. He did a thorough check still to look for abnormal cells which show up white under the solution they put on. He did a biopsy of a small area of abnormal cells but said it was so small I properly wouldn't need treatment, it was just a coincidence really that he saw them. Try not to worry too much x x

Thank you.  


I am usually so very rational but this has got me unduly emotional.  Still another 4 weeks to wait for the examination.


Did they do the biopsy and the diathermy at the same time?