Cervical erosion and biopsy

Hello all

So today I had my appointment with the hospital to get my cervix checked as requested by my doctor.
The doctor said I showed signs of cervical erosion which is extremely common in ladies my age.
She didn’t do a colospay but did take a biopsy.
Is this normal procedure?
She assured me all is well, but why take samples ?
Feeling confused, anyone else had similar experience?

Thank you X


I had my colposcopy and a biopsy on 12th April (my ectropian was covering almost ALL of my cervix - she showed me on the screen) and she said it was completely normal and I am booked in for cold coagulation in June. I was assured it was a normal procedure. I think they like to check the grade of the changes just to be sure, but they know what to look for and if it looked fine they probably did it as standard. Better to have a biopsy and know nothing is up than not to have one I would have thought. I wouldn't worry though, if they could see anything they would have said. My doctor was very open and honest and the nurses answer all questions at any time. If you are really concerned call the number they gave you and I am sure they will reassure you :)