Cervical Ectropion

I'm not sure if anyone really comes here anymore, all of the posts seem pretty old. A few weeks ago I had gone back to see my provider again because I had been having intense pain in my pelivc area off and on, and about 3 periods a month on average. A long with pretty horrible pain most of the times my husband and I had sex. So, we did a pelvic. They said I had a cervical ectropion, with could cause all of that. They also did the ultrasounds and a ton of blood work, and put me back on birth control even though I had my tubes tied so we could regulate my periods. Of course my pap smear came back bad. I had one last March and everything was fine, so somewhere in that time things decided to go haywire. I have read about cervical cancer getting misdiagnosed for cervical ectropions, is that the case with any of you? I know I'm over reacting because my colposcopy isn't even untl december 16th (gotta love the Army, training comes first hooah!). I'm just nervous I guess, you just know when somethings wrong. In addition to this, I had been going to see my provider because of extremem exhaustion and fatigue and found out I have almost no vitamin D in my body, which he said is consistant with most cancers as well so they need to check it again in 12 weeks after I have been on my vitamin d pills. They just perscribed me twice as much as normal to try and boost it. I don't even know why I'm posting, just scared I guess, and looking for any advice you guys might be able to shed on this. If anyone had gone through anything similar? Thanks so much for taking the time to read my rant :-)

I might not be able to offer you much - as just starting my investigations for Cervical Ectrophy and of course worrying about it.

When you say your smear came back bad, did they say what had come up CIN? ect.  I would have thought if it was anything too alarming then you would have recieved a two week appointment.  I have been given 6 week one, as they dont think there is anything to worry about, but still doesnt stop your brain going into over drive.