Cervical ectropion

Please understand its all confusing for me. Im a simple 22 year old mum of 3. Youngest is 22 months- problems started after birth. Due to anxiety and depression i struggle to go doctors meaning theres months between appointments. I also have prolapse grade 1 incase its relevent (although seperate symptoms).

My symptoms are periods 2 weekly- spotting inbetween, sharp pain going toilet both ways, always getting thrush, days of heavyness, always some type of discharge, pain using tampons, pain after intercorse, bleeding after intercorse.. most of these are daily life so its becoming normal! (Could be a few forgotton too!)

January 17 i went gynocologist after doctor finding a lump in dec 2016 when i was complaining of bleeding. At gyno appointment she said i have cervical ecrosion and 'burnt' the cells- symptoms should clear. 

August 17- i went back to the doctors as symptoms was worse. One hour im bleeding alot, next hour nothing. One minute its only in my pee, next minute its in my discharge.. so i went back and got told i have low self asteem and maybe i need councilling. 

October 17- i plucked up the courage to go back and she removed my coil in hope that helps. I was meant to be checked over down below.. unfortunetly it took 4 painful attempts to get the speculum inserted, i was in tears- the coil was removed and off came her gloves. No cervical check over. After i asked why it was so painful, she answered 'have you suffered any injuries or been sexually abused?'... i replied no, left and booked back in with the original nice doctor to speak about this appointment. 

My gut is telling me somethings wrong. Iv spent many months passing it off.. doctors aint being helpful with answers. Is it worth paying for a private smear? Will that tell me if i do or dont? I have no body to ask :( 

Hiya, sorry to hear of all your troubles. I think what you mean is that you have a cervical ectropion and this is fairly common, in fact I have one! All it means is that the endocervical layers have been thinned out which is normally due to either childbirth or being on the pill for a long time. In reality this means that you are more likely to bleed during your smear test and this can produce an inadequate result. If you have a series of inadequate results you may have minor surgery to correct this (its not needed in all cases) I have got to go back for another smear as the last one was inadequate due to my cervical etropion. Hope this helps 

Thank you! Yes that sounds right, its hard to remember the big words haha. Unfortunetly im too young for a smear unless i go private. Do i have any kind of option with surgery? I just want to stop bleeding all the time :( my children have a 10 month age gap- quick deliverys, i just cant help shake off this feeling that its more then just a ectropion :( x

In regards to surgery you can request that you go for a colposcopy and this is where they take a closer look at your cervix. it really depends on how much it is bleeding and what size the ectropion is and if it is causing you any other problems. You can have your cervix treated with silver nitrate which gets rids of the cells that are causing the bleed but like I've said it depends. If you are concerned maybe you should go and speak to your doctor or a nurse and see what they say to you. Hope that this helps! :)