Cervical Ectropion

Hiya, I went for a smear test in April and bled quite badly. The nurse told me that I had a cervical ectropion and told me not to worry about it. I asked her if it means I have got cervical cancer and she said not necessarily so. My smear test came back as inadequate and I have to go for another one at the end of this month and to be honest part of me is scared and part of me is thinking what is the point of putting myself through all that again if im going to get another inadequate result. It just seems like messing about to me and what if I do have cancer? 

I'm in the same position, had smear 2 days ago and the nurse said 3 times, do make sure you get app with the dr as you have a very red cervix and it bled when she took the sample. I went to the dr yesterday and he didn't even look, he just said the nurse had put she thinks I've got the ectropion, and I'll get my smear results back soon.  But me being me I looked it up and although the ectropion seems like it's not serious, it is said it looks very much early stages cc so I'm now terrified as for the last week I've been getting a dull ache very low down too x