Cervical ectropion, HPV, CIN1

Hi everyone

It’s been a year since I’ve chatted on here, after receiving my results of HPV and CIN1.

I went for my 2nd smear test in a year yesterday following my CIN1 results last year, and I asked the nurse if everything looked ok. She said to me that yes everything looked fine but I have a cervical ectropion, which she assured me is normal and harmless. But for some reason, I’ve started to spin with anxiety and worrying that she’s mistaken and it’s not an erosion and in fact CC.

I don’t know where the ectropion came from - I’m 45 and it’s never been mentioned to me before - perhaps when I had the coil fitted in October? (where i also had an endometrium biopsy due to heavy bleeding - which is why i had the coil fitted. The biopsy came back as normal).

I think what I’m trying to say is I think going for my 2nd smear and them finding something new again, has triggered quite bad anxiety and i’m looking for reassurance or to talk to anyone who has gone through something similar. I went into a panic last year when I received the results of my smear and had to have a colposcopy. I calmed down slightly when the biopsy came back as CIN1, but I’m clearly very anxious again about my results.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m rambling, I’m typing as I’m thinking and it’s pouring out.

Thanks in advance for any reassurance or info.

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Hi, I’m 38, recently had a colposcopy & endometrial biopsy - biopsy came back normal, however during the short (2-3min) colposcopy & the report sent to my GP it states CIN1 “at most”, the same person also stated to my face “I wouldn’t think you have cancer & certainly not at your age” ! I’ve asked for a 2nd opinion as no cervical biopsies we’re taken and to be honest I didn’t like her lack of compassion!!! I’ve been referred to another trust Gynae dept. Planned endometrial ablation 13 April & he’s sterilising whilst I’m there… current gynae advice. Same Gynae hasn’t as much as examined me !!Basically I’m in pain almost everyday, pelvic& lower back pain. I’ve had a little relief from bleeding 18 days so far, however still bleeding after sex with pain after. Last smear was 2020 so not due until 2023, my last was normal. I also experience heavy painful bleeding with large clots, longest bleed is 7 weeks constant, I’m prescribed folic acid, TXA & tramadol.

Hi there - many of us even with more advanced cancer do not suffer from all those symptoms - and certainly not with CIN. CIN 1 and 2 is ‘silent’ - it’s very small/moderate changes in the cell structure of the surface of the cervix. What you have sounds more like endometriosis, which is painful and involves lower back pain and bleeding. If you are scheduled for an endometrial ablation it sounds like this is what they think may be responsible. Please do ask them to explain your diagnosis. X

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Hi thank you for your response. I’ve had pelvic & transvaginal u/s which were clear, endometriosis has never been mentioned. Post coital bleeding day 2 with horrendous pain today. The ablation was arranged for heavy periods prior to the pelvic pain & post coital bleeding

Hi @MrsB1976 I just wanted to pop in and say, I’ve had cervical ectropion (also called erosion) in the past, it can come and go by itself and is harmless. X


Hi @Andrea138

Thanks so much for responding. Its good to know it comes and goes. Not much was explained to me which led me to Dr Goge, which is never a good thing for me to do x

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