Cervical Ectropion/ Colposcopy

I have recently had my smear test for a second time as the first one came back due to me having an inadequate test. During the test the nurse noted that I bled quite a bit again this time (I actually saw the blood on the paper that was covering me up) Last time she didn't tell me that it was a large ectropion and showed me the notes on the computer relating to last time that I came for a smear. She said that there was blood present in the sample and seemed concerned about it and she hoped that the sample didn't come back again as inadequate. She also told me that if it did come back again as inadequate then I shall be referred for a colposcopy. I said to her I thought that it was three times as inadequate then you were referred but she told me that is not always the case. I am worried now that she saw something sinister and didn't want to tell me (perhaps in case she was wrong) and now all sorts is going through my mind. i know what happens during a colposcopy and im not scared of that, im more concerned that there is more to this and she saw more than what she let on. Has anyone else had a similar experience or can offer me any advice please?

I had a similar experience at my smear Tes but at the colposcopy they found severe ectropion that covered my entire cervix. The surgeon was nice and explained it all to me I am still so suprised how doctors don’t talk about ectropion and play it down so much

if my nurse hadnt have showed concern for the bleeding I wouldn’t have been referred to colposcopy and they wouldn’t have found that the ectropion had been masking my smear results and showing up as either normal or inconclusive and that I have in fact got CIN3 in significant areas of my cervix.