Cervical ectropioan

Hi, i had normal smear in January 2011, i had a MRI in April 2011(I think it myt of been coz of pain in my left leg), then in June 2011 i recieved a letter to go for a colposcopy (Assuming the MRI picked summit up) and then found out i had CIN1 and i kept going back every 6 months until it was clear and back to normal. I then had smears every 3yrs. In 2014 i tried IVF and i think i was on microgynon and might of been some other pills, i had bleeding throughout my pregnancy i had twin girls in 2015. As from my previous   comments.


I had a normal smear in 2015, In march 2018 i was told i had a Prolapse and had a normal smear in August 2018. But after my July period i didnt feel too good, felt pressure down below,  think my prolapse has started  again, bit of bleed on tissue, In Went to my Drs has an emergency Appointment,  (she was claming it wasnt an emergency) Then she done a speculum examination and saw i had cervical-erosion, and told me to go bk to see her in 4wks time to see if it healed, if not she will refer me, but i couldn't wait, so went back to see another doctor, male doctor saw it, book me in to see her 2week after, she examine me again, she said it still the same, she referred me as a 2week urgent referral. So i got an appointment on Friday 13th September.

On Wednesday 4th September i went EAU in hospital, coz i felt heavy/pain on my chest and had pain and numbness tingling down my left leg, my chest x-ray and bloods came back normal, but because there was no sign of a clot, they wouldn't do a scan on my leg, im sure the symptom similar to back in 2011.

Anyway im worried the cervical-erosion is cancer, i feel hurting pain in my right side of my pelvis and it hurt behind my urethra down to my vagina. 


• Borderline changes, 9.6.09
• Borderline changes, CIN1, Biopsy, 8.12.09
• Borderline changes, Biopsy Inflammation, 15.6.10
• No Abnormal cells, Biopsy Inflammation, 10.1.11
• Normal 25.7.11
• Normal 8.8.12
• Normal 2015
• Normal 1.8.18