Cervical ectropian

Hello ladies,

I am new to this site and wanted to ask opinions from you all.

I have had cervical cells growing on the outside of the cervix for a few years now and the gyni doc decided not to treat it as I had no children and I was taking the pill which can apparently cause it.

Anyway I had my daughter four years ago and I had the occasional bleed which was never really diagnosed.

Whilst I was pregnant with my son I had bleeds every few days. Nothing triggered them, I could be sat at my desk at work.

In the end I was examined at the hospital with a camera and was told that it was cervical ectropian which was causing the bleeds.
I was also getting nasty stabbing pains during pregnancy which felt like it was my cervix.
My boy is now 9 months old.
My periods have been odd since giving birth, gone from extremely heavy and all over the place to pretty much spotting.
I have strange discharge and also the odd tummy cramps. Etc.
I went to the docs who said my cervix looked normal and one which has had children but that was it.
I’m getting more worried now…

Hi Sam,

I didn't want to read and just run. I to have cervical ectropion (only found out last year) and this has been causing similar problems for me. If you are still unhappy, go and talk to your doctor and nurse about any worries and concerns you have.

I know there is treatment available for the ectropion (such as cauterisation) but not sure on how effective these are.

Vicki xx

Hello yellowbubblegum, 


I have an appointment on Friday but I'm doubtful. 

I went to the doctors a few times after having my son and they don't seem that interested to be honest.