Cervical Ectropian

Just got back from the hospital after having my second opinion colposcopy and the news seems very good :-) this rime round I watched the screen and it was really quite fascinating in parts although still quite squeamish. 

My Dr told me she could see Ectropian present. Meaning my endocervical canal cells (cells that could develop cgin) had started to show present on my outer cervix, which was pretty common. There was a very large area of these cells but didnt make it anymore serious, and the good news was all looked very healthy :-) She took one biopsy to be certain, but couldnt find much of any area to really take one from.

This has really been a big sigh of relief for me, as first time round came away feeling confused :-( At my first colposcopy the Dr had possibly thought that the large area of endocervical cells were acting suspicious, from what my new Dr could suggest. And that because of the large area she may have been over cautious and therefore mentioned that I would need them removed also was certain they were high grade precancerous cell as she had stated in my results letter. 

I know its good to be over cautious but it really had me worrying.

I wont know anything for a month. But this has definitely eased the worry :-) 



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Great news :) xx

Thank you :-) its been a tough few months x