Cervical ectropian - post coital bleeding

Hi there. I have had heavy post coital bleeding so went to locum GP who took some swabs for STD’s and other infections and could see my cervic had visible eruption. Others symptoms include heavy discharge, abdominal pain, moodswings - feeling hormonal, tired all the time, heavy periods, spotting.

GP would not take a smear nor refer me onwards.

I have had the same partner for over 21 yrs and expect all tests to come back negative. But in 1998 had a loop diathermy to remove precancerous cells after my first smear (CIN2/3). All my smears have been fine since but I am very aware of the links made by many organisations (including Macmillan) to cervical eruption and CC.

I am also aware that there is no visible difference - so feel worried that I am not being tested for CC.

I’m not sure what to do next - other than wait for my STD results?

Many thanks
Sarah 37

CIN 2/3 1998 - Loop Diathermy age 21
MAR 2015 - Clear smear
Nov 2015 Bleeding
Jan 2016 No smear allowed

Hi when is your next smear due? If the erosion is causing you bother, ask to be referred for treatment to reduce/stop the bleeding. They will routinely take a biopsy before cauterising the area, which will put your mind at rest. Ectropian is more common than CC and most nurses/docs can tell if they see a nasty cervix as they look at them more often than you realise. x

Hi Tan, thanks for your reply.  I had a clear smear Mar 2015 - so have two yrs to go.  The locum GP said that this has happened to her, its probably just hormonal and should pass.  So she wouldn't refer me onto gyno as I don't meet the threshold as this will be a "non benign erosion"....

I know that in some cases what she is saying is true but without any testing I can't sit calmly as there is truly no way to rule out the more sinister things without tetsing - arhhh.

I rang and spoke to a GP yesterday, it was a male who said - oh I don't normally talk to women about womens stuff - I talk to men about mens stuff - ring back on Friday and ask to speak to a female for your STD results....


The fact your erosion is "troublesome" should make you qualify for a referral or are you supposed to just live with the irregular bleeding? Maybe once you get your STD results and that is ruled out, see a doctor for second opinion? Do hang on to to the fact that your last smear was clear, that is very reassuring. Do you have private health care can i ask? X

I am shocked and disgusted that you got that response from a doctor, and if it were me I'd be complaining to practice manager.

I was initially treated for an ectropion.  I'd been having heavy,watery discharge then irregular bleeding and post coital bleeds. Saw gp twice, she referred me after second visit.  Gynaegave me cryotherapy for the ectropion but said I might need second treatment in 3 months. Had about 3 weeks symptom clear then came back. When I saw him again, he said there was no healing so took biopsy. I was called in 10 days later for LLETZ and the rest, as they say, is history. Stage 1B1, radical hysterectomy. 

I don't tell you this to worry or frighten you. Just to share one experience. When I spoke to my gp later she said she had urgently referred me as she was worried by what she saw.  If your ectropion is causing you symptoms, I would think that's a definite need for treatment. It doesn't mean there is anything sinister afoot, bit I would be seeking a second opinion.

Thanks Blackberry for your response and honesty.

I have been so upset at the male Dr - he is a partner and we are a small town - so I don't dare kick up a fuss.  However I did ring back after the week of waiting for my STD results and spoke to a female Dr who specialises in female health and she made an urgent referral to Gynacology.  I've just heard today it is on Tues 1st March for colposcopy and a uterus scan etc... She has ordered a full aray of tests - so I will push for a biopsy if it is not included.

My STD results were deleyed and I today received a bog standard letter from my surgery saying that I have Group B Strep (GBS) as do 4 in 10 women the letter states and not to worry.... It said to look on their website http://gbss.org.uk/who-we-are/about-gbs/what-is-gbs/non-pregnant-women/ which says "When GBS infection occurs in adults, it usually (though not always) does so in those with serious underlying medical conditions (such as diabetes mellitus, cancer or liver disease)" so this has freaked me out today and in 2015 I realise I had a serious sinus infection April (1 dose of anitbiotics) a major urine infection June (2 doses of AB's) and pneumonia Dec (2 more sets of AB's) and I am so tired all the time - that I feel like there must something really off for my immune system to be so low?

Hopefully I'll know more after the Gyn. urgent clinic on Tuesday.

Thanks for your support xx