Cervical cyst, bleeding =(

Hi everyone,

I am 27 and never had a clear smear, luckily I lived in wales so I had a smear at 21 and 6 monthly since with colposcopys every time after.  I gradually went from cin1-cin3 over the course of 5 years with HPV showing each time.  In Dec 12 I had LEETZ to remove a good part of my cervix, so much so that my consultant says he wont be able to remove any more tissue if it came back again.  My 6 monthly check up afterwards in June 13 showed cin1, so from cin3 to cin 1 and was told to wait a year before another smear.

But just before Christmas last year my periods started going a bit doolally and I also started getting a few specks of blood after sex, this has gradually increased so I now bleed everytime I have sex with my partner.  I went to the GP today and she examined me, apparently I have a cyst on my cervix and the tissue around it looks inflammed and angry.  

She has referred me to Gyne at my hospital as an urgent case to have the cyst removed and tested ASAP.

Needless to say the discovery of this left me pretty shaken and upset.   She has tried to assure me that most cysts are benign but I cant help but worry! I'm only 27 and this has plagued me for almost 7 years already I just want it to go away. =(

Thank you for reading my story I just needed to vent somewhere with women in similar situations as I don't really have many female friends to discuss this with.

Ari- x