Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum, I had the CKC biopsy done last week. Got my results: confirmed the diagnosis of ASI / CIN 2. I got negative margins, by my Obgyn is still recommending a simple hysterectomy, just wondering if anyone else has had this diagnosis, what it was like?

What do you mean by simple hysterectomy , I mean you don’t need hysterectomy at this point my dear I am 39 year old had persistent hpv many many years without any abnormalities , unfortunately this year I got CIN2 I wanted to have another kid I researched a lot I did many many advices to different doctored but according to my age every one suggested me a con biopsy well in short I today is the 15 day of this procedure I’m fine without any complications but my result said
Some abnormal cell still there with ink margin I don’t no what was that but doctor said everything is good he wants me to see in 6 months it’s really strange why doctor suggested hysterectomy to you

Hi @Katherine

When i had my initial smear results last November, they suspected CIN 2. Because i wanted another baby, they offered to monitor every 6 months for a maximum of 2 years and then they would need to have lletz treatment. CIN2 can regress on its own but not as easy as CIN1. Because Adenocarcinoma is a faster spreading cancer and sometimes hides, so to speak, they may feel hysterectomy is the best option since you dont want kids. Maybe ask your consultant the reason they are offering a hysterectomy and they will be able to put your mind at ease. Xx

Hi everyone, I appreciate your responses. I feel confused, about the whole thing. I have had HR HPV, since 2019, and had a colonoscopy, with unseen cervical changes and have kept me on a one year follow up with a pap and HPV test.

This year, same result after pap and HPV test. Came back abnormal cells with positive HR HPV, had another colposcopy. This time, I was informed by another Gyno doc, that they saw CIN 2, a pre-cancer, so highly recommended CKC. I didn’t schedule it that day because I was in shock and still processing what she said.

Then the following day the Obgyn that did my colposcopy called and told me They found ASI which is Cancer, not pre-cancer. This Obgyn recommend the CKC as well. I was informed the CKC was not therapeutic, it was only a diagnostic test, to make sure it was not invasive.

The results were as good as you could hope for, no positive margins for either CIN 2 or ASI, but it did confirm the previous diagnosis for ASI/CIN 2.

I already have Two teenagers so the OBGYN thinks if I’m done with having baby’s, the definitive treatment is a hysterectomy. I still don’t like the recommendation, if feels very aggressive, but I guess ASI has a tendency for skip lessons, so there’s no way to know if it’s gone anywhere else. That’s why my obgyn recommends a simple hysterectomy.

Sounds like from others, if I want to be on a close watch it would be Okay for a little while.
Thanks for all the support, and best wishes for everyone going through this