Cervical cerclage or abdominal cerclage


I’m new to this website, let me introduce my history a little bit.
I have done LLETZ as CIN3 was found by smear, as a result of biopsy it was actually 1a1, but Dr wasn’t sure if margin is enough so did corn knife biopsy as well, which was all clear.
But one year later smear found CIN3 again and did another LLETZ, next biopsy was still CIN1, so did another one, then all clear.

My doctor said I will most likely need cervix cerclage after week 12.

I wonder if cervix cerclage is enough, as I had many miscarriage though early stage.
Is there anyone who had abdominal cerclage after repeated LLETZ/corn biopsy?
I understand if all cervix removed(trac), they will do abdominal stitch before get pregnant.
I wonder if I need that considering the number of operation I had…

I read that people with cervix of less than 1.5cm can’t have operation (cerclage) as it’s too short.
Then I wonder if I will need to have abdominal stitches before get pregnant… I just don’t want to be told that they can’t perform operation as my cervix is too short at week 12, and have miscarriage again…