Cervical cerclage BEFORE conception / Stenosis

So, I kinda knew my situation wasn’t exactly common, but following a meeting yesterday I realised just how rare it actually is.

Following repeat cervical surgeries due to cancerous and precancerous cells, I have very little cervix left and also have a lot of scare tissue. (I have had two LLETZ procedures and biopsies) That isn’t the unique part though.

We had been TTC before all of this happened, and had managed to conceive but suffered an early miscarriage just the week before my abnormal smear results were returned. As a result of all the treatments, delays and confusing results that followed, we lost approx 2 years of trying for a baby.

My doctor was brilliant, and from the beginning he worked with us to try help preserve fertility and give us the best chance of a successful pregnancy. He suggested, once we received the all clear, that I have a cervical cerclage through keyhole surgery before conceiving, and this stitch will help to support a pregnancy down the line.

IVF was then suggested as a means of overcoming issues such as the scar tissue, and to hurry up and get on with things as cGIN can return, which could eventually see me needing a hysterectomy.

This is all brilliant, and the more I learn the more grateful I am that this plan was put in place for me. Without the cerclage I would have been at a very high risk of miscarriage, especially in the second trimester.

It would seem that it’s rather unusual to have a cerclage before pregnancy ( I didn’t realise this before) although I’ve been told the success rates for women that have had this procedure are really positive.

Right now my issue is with scare tissue. I ahve two check ups since my clerclage, which took place Mid-December. On the first the Doctors could not even find my cervix, and on the second they managed to find it but could not find an opening (and believe me, they tried!!). The plan right now is to wait for my cycle to beging and to in on Day 2 - the logic being thta fi they can see where the flood is coming from, they can find the opening and hopefully do something with it to allow them to do something that will make IVF possible. 

If this doesn't work, or if my cycle doesn't come (as apparently it can be effected by the stenosis) I will need to have a hysterescopy and D&C before we can start our baby making plans. 

Anyhow, the reason for this very long post is because I’m struggling to find anyone with the same or similar circumstances. It’s unlikely, but you never know, there could be someone in here who’s been through something similar, or knows someone who has and is happy to share experiences?


Thanks all xxx

Hi there, I just wanted to update my post because it drives me crazy when you're searching a particular topic and come across a thread that totally describes your situation and then there is no follow up and you always wonder what happened.... 

Well I'll tell you what happened. I had a cervical canulation which worked well, followed by IVF and am now pregnant! :) :) :)

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Amazing news!! So pleased for you!

Good luck xx

Hi Rosey,

Thanks for sharing your story. I too have recently been recommended to get laparoscopic cerclage before ttc due to a short cervix after lletz. It's all come as quite a shock as I haven't even heard about this procedure before and I need some time to think about it. Do you mind sharing your recovery from this procedure? How was the pain? How long in hospital? How soon before driving? How soon could you return to work or exercise?



Hi Rosey, so glad your story had a positive outcome. I am a similar situation but can’t have the cervical cerclage as you need 2.5cm of cervix left and I only have 1.2, so mine needs to be a transabdominal cerclage which is an open procedure. I am not yet TTC as I lost my job recently but I am now trying to decide if I should have it done before TTC or once (hopefully) pregnant. The information out there sure is limited!