Cervical cancer?


Just wanting help as I am experiencing a range of symptoms and getting worried.

Symptoms are:
Stomach and lower back pains
Spotting after sex
Mucus coming from back passage with bowel movement

Doctor took a look and said I had an ectropion, which is fine and can explain discharge and spotting, but not the pains or mucus from bottom? Went back several times and finally been listened to and waiting for a referral to gynaecology.

I’m worrying that the mucus from bottom is a sign it is advanced cancer? Normal smear two years ago, just had a baby 4 months ago. Partner’s ex had cervical cancer so know I am a carrier of high risk HPV despite normal smears.

Can anyone shed some light? Especially the mucus stools as I am losing my mind with worry.


I can't really say much about the the pains or bowel mucus and maybe you need another referral for those symptoms.  A few basic things to think about: Are you sufficiently hydrated?  Do you have a balanced diet?  Are you constipated?  Is there any chance you could have a sexually transmitted disease? - if in doubt then get an appointment at a sexual health clinic.

Just because your partner's ex had cervical cancer does not automatically mean you are carrying high risk HPV.  For most people who get infected with HPV, their immune systems will naturally clear it.  Apart from having a diagnosis of cervical cancer the only way you can know if you carry the virus is if you have been tested for it.  I think the NHS generally only test for HPV  when a smear test shows abnormal cells. It is possible to check yourself with an HPV self testing kit, which can be ordered on-line.  I would suggest you research the kits if you wanted to go down this route as they are a little pricey and you'd want to be happy with using the kit and the quality of results/customer support.

Take care



If you had a normal smear 2 years ago it is extremely unlikely you have cancer - let alone cancer advanced enough to cause pains and bowel mucus.

I would think that they are much more likely to be symptoms of a digestive disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome or a food intolerance. Try keeping a food and symptoms diary and see if you can link it to anything you are eating. I have IBS and have improved my symptoms massively by cutting out artificial sweeteners (i used to drink loads of Diet Coke) and cutting down on dairy products.