Cervical cancer

Hi, I'm 28 with cervical cancer stage 1b1 and I'm due to have a radical trachelectomy with nodes removed by robotic surgery. Can anyone give me advice on the recovery. How long? Also what to exspect. I'm so scared.

Hi Tasha!

please don't be scared. I'ts 6 days now since I had my radical hysterectomy using the robot, and I promise I feel much better than I thought I would.

I was only in hospital for 3 nights and I was actually only meant to stay in for 2, but the pharmacy wasn't open on the Sunday so I couldn't get my meds! 

I would say, make sure you take any pain relief they offer you. I normally hate taking painkillers, but my pre op nurse said in long run,recovery is better if you take them. 

My hot water bottle has become my best friend, really does help. Pain wise, I would say for me is just a stretchy, tightening feeling. And mild cramping. Immediately after the op, my arms and shoulders ached and were swollen, apparently  this is due to your stomach being pumped up by the machine so they can access all areas! But that's eased off now too! 

I can walk about a bit although I am very slow! But just rest up as much as you can. And don't put any pressure on yourself! 

Please take care, and let me know how it all goes.

big hugs- Laura x


I'm currently on day 5 of recovering from a robotic assisted trachelectomy that I had on Saturday. Are you having the lymph nodes removed at the same time or have you had those done already?

I don't know if this helps but I'm already feeling better than I thought I would be at this point. I stayed in hospital for one night with a catheter inserted and then on Sunday they removed the catheter and as soon as I was able to prove I could meet the minimum wee requirements and that I was able to move around and that I wasn't in that much pain they sent me home.

I think the first night was the worst but that was mainly because I was feeling a little bit of residual nausea from the GA and because I wasn't on top of the pain management I hadn't taken much painkillers so the pain and uncomfort was sinking in. Make sure you stay on top of the pain management because that will definitely help you! Yesterday I didn't take any pain killers at all but that was because I didn't feel I needed to.

You may have some shoulder pain from the gas they use in the op, I did for the first procedure and not the second but as the other poster has said a hot water bottle will be your best friend! Peppermint tea also helps disperse the gas I found.

Plan to get really comfortable and don't overdo it. I haven't been moving around the house all that much aside from some gentle walking but yesterday because I was feeling a bit better I think I over-exerted myself and have done myself a minor mischief - probably just a little internal pulling which has made me quite sore and has opened up some fresh bleeding but that was because I thought I could do more than I could! I would definitely take it easy for a while even if you start to think you can do more.

Stay on top of the anti-constipation tablets as well!

Everyone is different in terms of the procedure and how they recover but the positive with this procedure is that it is one of the least invasive and the risks for pain etc are a lot less. The incisions are tiny and I found that with the bandages on they look worse then they are but when you come to take the plasters off you will be pleasantly surprised at how small they are!!

If you want to talk to someone about it please let me know. I was scared before I had my op which is definitely normal and I had some nervous crying at points but I found that helped me as it got rid of the build up!

When is your surgery? xxxxx

Hi I had an abdominal trachelectomy about 10 weeks ago. 

I was in hospital for a few days, The first couple of nights the pain was quite bad for me but I was so tired that I just tried to sleep it off. I did ask for more meds but morphine made me ill. I got a heated pad on the 1st night but not the second and that helped. I was over the moon to go home but it was hard due to the large incision I could not walk far to start with and needed help to get in and out of bed. I agree that hot water bottles really helped and after being scared of being ill with meds I just took ibuprofen and paracetamol when I was home but max doses. 

After a few days of being home every small step felt like a massive victory like being ok to shower alone, getting myself in and out of bed, making a cup of tea and after a while going for a walk.

It is amazing what your body can do so just let it heal, have plenty of rest and have someone around to help you. You will probably be more tired than normal so just listen to your body. Hopefully your recovery will be quicker too as you are getting keyhole :)

You will do absolutely fine! If you have any questions feel free to PM me x 


I'm 4 weeks post op and I feel pretty much back to normal (I can tell there is still some internal swelling as I'm still feeling a bit of pressure when I go the loo. I was signed off for 6 weeks but I'm going back to uni next week and I even went out dancing on Friday night!I was booked in for 3 nights but ended up having the catheters out and being discharged the day after surgery. I had a lot of pain immediately

I was booked in for 3 nights but ended up having the catheters (I had to have 2) out and being discharged the day after surgery. I had a lot of pain immediately post op and stayed in recovery for quite a while and then had nausea and vomiting once back on the ward, but the nurses soon sorted me out. I think I underestimated how much pain I would be in, I tried to get up and have a shower the next day (carrying my bag into the bathroom with me...bad patient) and I managed only to get changed before shuffling back to my chair in agony. The worst pain was definitely the shoulder pain which only kicked in the following morning. But I felt a little bit better every day.

The main advice I would give is firstly, don't have any expectation for yourself just take each bit as it comes and get the rest you need. Secondly, if you get pain or nausea tell the nurses immediately/take your pain killers regularly, don't try to be brave, you have the meds prescribed for a reason and nobody wants you to suffer. Thirdly, do get up and moving (with help) as soon as you can and the nurses say you should, it is a really important part of your recovery and will help with shifting gas and getting your blood flow back to normal and get you passing urine. Finally, drink LOADS of water, the more you drink the more you pee and it helps to get your bladder back to normal and decrease infection risk.

All the best of luck, Rosie