Cervical cancer without cervix?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum but please someone help me? Me and my mum are so confused. 


When she was younger she had cancerous cells in her cervix but there were too many to burn away and she had to have a total hysterectomy (she kept her ovaries) 


She had to have clear three 'yearly' smears which she did, and they then said she didn't need anymore smears (looking into it, that's because she doesn't have a cervix)


Anyway, fast forward to now where she is now post menapausal* and had been experiencing what she thought were kidney pains but after an ultrasound, CT scan AND MRI she received a report saying kidneys are fine but they incidentally found she had a right complex adnexal (ovarian) cyst. She was therefore passed to a specialist. She attended the appointment on Friday and they told her she had a lump on her cervix... this shocked her... he spoke a lot more and said it was undoutably* cancer (she double trebe checked it really was). They said she needed a biopsy straight away so she went for one (like a smear) and they showed her images of a hole bleeding in her cervix area. They didnt get much sample because they said it was too far up (yeah probably because she doesn't have a cervix). She asked the specialist why she has been experiencing kidney like pains if it's in her cervix area and they said it is because the mass is on her right side???? It was all very confusing and understandably awful for her! she was panicked and was too flabbergasted to ask questions after beibg told it is cancer and now we have to wait until the 7th June for exact details???? She has been given mcmillans cancer support details and told she will need further blood tests and byopsies and confirmed again it IS cancer and she will get a full prognosis of stage and size on the 7th June!!!!!! We are so confused! It is sounding like she has cervical tumor but how can that be? Is this a typical appointment before being given a prognosis. My mum is really unstable now it is so unfair for her or us to have to wait tw and a half weeks to understand more.


Is it possible to have cervical cancer after having it removed? If so WHY hasn't she had regular smears? 


So upset and hope someone can give us sme help or place to get help until the D Day x x  

Hi there :-)

Well I don't know why she was told not to have smears just because she has no cervix. I have 'vault' smears every year. Was she actually told she didn't need smears or did she just assume that because she had no cervix?

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Hi. I had my cervix removed 28 years ago but I still had to have smears because the root of the cervix that goes into soft tissue is left behind. Saying that my smears still didn't pick up my cancer. Even after it had spread everywhere. If she was told not to have smears that needs looking into. Like tivoli said was she told or did she assume. It's very important x