Cervical cancer week...

Hi all wow what a week,lots of positive news for cervical cancer week with Jos raising so much and peoples stories in the papers…I had two stories published about the walk yesterday great articles but they got the bloody day wrong of the walk arghhhh… it did say to log on to jos for info about the walk so lets hope no-one turns up today instead of tomorrow :oops: .

Also underneath my story there was an article about parents not wanting to give there children the vaccine :frowning: but hopefully when they read my reason for needing a vaccine it may help them change their minds…

Good luck everyone for tomorrow lets hope the rain holds off for an hour at least, or we will all fall in the canal sponsored swin amnyone ha ha.

love n hugz kaz xxxxxxxxx 8)

hi kaz

id love to do a swim ha ha im looking really forward to tommorow and i no its gunna be very emotional too remembering all are beautiful friends xxx speak soon love debix